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The benefits of Hilborn & Howell, LLC are irresistible to bankers by erasing inefficiencies, cutting costs, and improving asset quality. There is a constant struggle in the cash flow aspect of banking. There is no surprise that this struggle exists because of the complications surrounding cash flows. Software has tried to solve this problem but has failed because it lacks the ability to critically analyze outside the box. The rigidity of software often leads to inaccurate analysis while still requiring the expense of paying someone to enter the data. Cash flow analysis is not simply inputting numbers into software to generate ratios and graphs. Hilborn & Howell, LLC knows cash flows are crucial to the lending function which requires a customizable, human element in order to completely understand the potential of a borrower to repay debt. 


The lending function has evolved into a sales and relationship position. The demands of sales are the essence of bank revenue. Commercial lending is built around independent third party work with the exception of the cash flow analysis. The topic of independent cash flow analysis is currently being discussed within the banking industry. It is the belief of Hilborn & Howell, LLC that regulators will begin to demand more independence in the future.


With quick turnarounds and competitive pricing, Hilborn & Howell, LLC provides your team key advantages in the analysis of cash flows. There have been many attempts to make the analysis of cash flows more efficient and cost effective. The cost of hiring an analyst is not the most cost effective methodology for banks to select, and the lender should be focused on making sales, independent of the cash flow analysis. Hilborn & Howell, LLCs’ strategy solves all of these problems while providing protection to the bank. By taking this function to a specialized, independent third party, banks can drive down their overhead costs and achieve consistent results. With Hilborn & Howell, LLC working for your team, more time becomes available for associates to focus on other bank strategies.


Banking is a risk assessment business, and the consistent and independent analysis of Hilborn & Howell, LLC allows banks to lower their exposed risk. Hilborn & Howell, LLC allows your team to eliminate the many inconsistencies the banking industry has faced when trying to accurately and cost effectively analyze cash flows. With Hilborn & Howell, LLC working for your bank, you will achieve more consistent, accurate cash flow analysis for a lower cost while freeing your associates to focus on sales.