Frequently Asked Questions




Will client information I send Hilborn and Howell, LLC be secure and safe?


All private client information and files will be encrypted using Data Protection and Encryption. In transit documents will be protected using Office 365 message encryption.


How do regulators view this independent cash flow analysis service?


Current conversations with regulators reveal that more independence in this function is needed and that the future of the industry is moving in this direction.


How long will it take to get my cash flow analysis?


At Hilborn & Howell, we pride ourselves on superior customer service. If all documents are provided in a timely manner we strive for a maximum turnaround time of 36 hours.


How will your cash flow analysis fit with my banks loan policy?


Upon preliminary discussions, we will review your bank's loan policy and requirements and customize our cash flow analysis to meet your needs.


How will this lower my banks costs and increase loan growth?


Your bank will reduce its overhead costs by using our service. If your bank is not busy, it will not have the expense of cash flow analysis. Furthermore, lenders who currently do their own spread will have more time to sell and increase loan production. 

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