What we Do

Hilborn & Howell, LLC is a financial services company that aims to provide superior, accurate, efficient, and in-depth cash flow analysis for bank loan production purposes.  We will provide the superior cash flow analysis that many banks seek, helping to improve their overall asset quality. Furthermore, we will save our clients time and money ultimately increasing their bottom line and lowering their efficiency ratio. Now more than ever it is important to perform superior cash flow analysis to help protect your bank from unwanted losses. Our analysis will not only be independent but also timely and will fit nicely into the lender’s loan packet. We will provide in-depth cash flow analysis as a tool when it comes time to make a loan decision.


At Hilborn & Howell, LLC, we will add significant value to your business. We can provide the following key ratios and analysis from an independent, cost efficient perspective to aid in the loan making decisions.


Debt to Income Ratio

Business Debt Coverage Ratio

Global Debt Coverage Ratio

Project Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Balance Sheet Analysis

Trend Lines


Uniform Credit Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis Policy and Procedure Review

Business Cash Flow Analysis


Business cash flow analysis is a vital element in the underwriting process. Our business cash flow analysis is straightforward and shows the important information necessary to help in the loan decision. We spread financials on the three most recent years and also include interim statements and projections.


Balance Sheet Analysis


Our balance sheet analysis is an important aspect of understanding a businesses' ability to service debt. Furthermore, it provides insight into their liquidity, solvency, and profitability. Important ratios we provide are the current ratio, quick ratio, cash ratio, debt to assets, debt to capital, debt to equity, return on assets, return on equity, gross margin, operating margin, and net profit margin.

Global Cash Flow Analysis


The global cash flow analysis captures the big picture of a borrowers ability to repay debt. We spread financials on all major businesses that show up on the Schedule E of personal tax returns. This business income as well as interest and depreciation add-backs flow to the global cash flow for an over-all evaluation of the borrowers debt-coverage ratio.